Maktzevot Kedumim

Rappelling and Rock Climbing at Maktzevot Kedumim

This site is located in an ancient quarry located in Carmel Nature Reserve National Park, an area often called “little Switzerland” due to the lush greenery and beautiful landscape. This gorgeous adventure starts with rappelling down the cliff with a panoramic view of the Carmel Mountains. Here we introduce top rope rock climbing.

Each person can climb as high as s/he feels comfortable, and then get belayed back down. There are rock climbing routes for every level of climber, from rank beginner to very advanced. You can do the rappelling and rock climbing multiple times if you want.

Afterward we take a short hike back to where we started, all the while enjoying the truly stunning panoramic view. This is a great site for hiking and picnics. If you like, we can discuss adding a nice hike to your rappelling and rock climbing tour. All the rope activities are optional. No experience is necessary.





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