Ma’arat Nikavot

Ma’arat Nikavot

The most magnificent and beautiful of many thousands of man-made tunnels and caves in the land of Israel, Ma’arat Nikavot were dug by the Jews led by Simon Bar Kochba during the battle against the Romans in the years 132-135 C.E. The tunnels, which date back to 123 C.E. were the first case of organized guerrilla warfare and terror tunnels in the Land of Israel.

We will begin with a short hike with a breath-taking view of Emek Ayeilah. Along the way we will pass many holes in the ground which are actually part of the thousands of subterranean passages and caves in the area.  Your guide will take you to your hole in the ground, and prepare the ropes to help you descend into the hole.  This is a very dramatic and awesome entrance.

After the first foot and a half of the narrow opening you will enter into a huge bell-shaped hall. We will then traverse the many maze-like tunnels, bell-shaped halls (many of which have an opening at the ground level which allows sunlight to pour into the dark cave) and subterranean passages. We will see and pass many hidden shafts and booby-traps designed specifically for ensnaring and killing the Roman forces.


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