Mt. Arbel

Mount Arbel

An amazing historic location on the pinnacle of a high cliff. Here we will appreciate the amazing panoramic view of the entire Golan, Kinneret, Galilee, Tiberias, Tzfat and Meron. We will relate to you the history of the war here between the Jews and the Romans.

Mount Arbel, like Masada, was a Jewish outpost against the Romans. Here was one of the fiercest battles during the Roman attack. The Jews were hiding in the caves in the middle of the cliff, and the Romans couldn’t reach them, as they would have to rappel down or climb up to get to the caves. The Jews would throw rocks at them as they were climbing up and they would fall.

Participants hike up the cliff, at the top there is one of the nicest views in Israel, with a panoramic view of Northern Israel, including the Kinneret.Then we will begin our 1 1/2 to 2 hour hike down a steep narrow trail that includes ladders to reach the Sea of Galilee.

Along the way we pass lots of ruins from the periods of the first and second Temples, and amazing, beautiful panoramic views of the Kinneret will accompany us all along the way.


  • Activities Included: Hiking in Israel
  • Ages: 7 - 65
  • Estimated Time: 2 - 4 hours
  • Season: Perfect all year round (except in the heavy rain)
  • Location: Northern Israel, Galilee see on map

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