Nachal Chatzatzon

Nachal Chatzatzon Adventure

Located in the Judean Desert, Nachal Chatzatzon is the largest and longest canyon in the country. We will hike the entire canyon, both directions. Starting at 3 a.m., we climb up into the desert, arriving at sunrise.

This is a beautiful hike enjoying the light of the moon and then watching the sun rise. This hike also includes rappels down three large dry waterfalls, including the longest rappel possible in Israel 120 meters down the highest cliff in the country. Depending on how much rain we received during the winter, this hike sometimes requires swimming in deep water.

Have a blast in The Judean Desert!

You will enjoy the dramatic scenery, and you may see unique birds and desert animals. It is a hard, long, and very challenging hike, but absolutely amazing and well worth the effort. If you would like to make it easier, we can avoid the first three hours of uphill climbing by arranging a jeep tour that will end at the beginning of the descent through the nachal.





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