Nachal Og

Nachal Og

Do you want to experience the beauty and silence of the desert, a great hike, rappelling plus panoramic views of the Dead Sea? Then Nahal Og is for you! This is a hike through the dry gorge formed by the Og stream that drains the Judean Mountains to the Dead Sea during the winter period. In places, it is very wide and flat, and in other places you will go into a much narrower gorge where you will need to also rappel down dry waterfalls. There are several dry waterfalls created by rare flash floods that sweep through the landscape. You may come across mountain goats and desert birds as you walk. A 20-minute drive from Jerusalem, this beautiful, family-friendly hike winds its way through Nahal Og with multiple rappels along the way. The rappelling is optional, so if you prefer there are ladders you can use instead! Suitable for all seasons of the year, and shady, even in the summer, this is a perfect hike for families who want to improve their hiking and rappelling skills. You can rappel down the waterfalls as many times as you like.


  • Activities Included: Rappelling in Israel Canyoneering in Israel
  • Type: All extreme activities are mandatory
  • Level: Extreme; No experience is necessary
  • Ages: 3-99
  • Estimated Time: 2-4 hours
  • Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter
  • Location: Dead Sea Region, Southern Israel see on map

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