Nam’er Cave

Activities included

Caving in Israel
ages: 5-75
Level: Beginner, Intermediate
season: Summer, Spring, Autumn
Location: Nam'er Cave
estimated time: 1-1.5 Hrs

Nam'er Cave

This special limestone, karstic cave, located in the Western Galilee provides a real caving experience.
Nam'er Cave

Namer Cave (Namer is Cougar in Hebrew) is one of the most beautiful karst caves in Israel. A karst cave is a cave formed as a result of natural erosion of limestone by rainwater. The rainwater absorbs the carbon found in mineral-rich soil (plants, animals) and together with it, it becomes acidic and dissolves the limestone rock. These caves were created over hundreds and thousands of years and are characterized by spectacular formations of stalagmites and stalactites.

Caving In Nam’er Cave With Israel Extreme

Namer Cave got its name from the Namer stream at its base and according to evidence, this is the last place where a cougar was seen in Israel (in 1965). The tour of the cave is round trip, with one of the highlights being the arrival at a large cathedral located in the depths of the cave, where we usually stop, turn off the lights, and listen to the water drops that continue to drip from the stalactites...

Namer Cave with Israel Extreme

After exiting the cave, we will retrace our steps towards the road, and on the way, we will pass large and impressive carob trees, as well as many examples of the herbs that grow naturally in the area, such as Sage, Zatar, Styrax, and more.

Caving in Namer Cave With Israel Extreme

This is a perfect cave experience for families and for those who do not know how they will feel in the depths of the earth. After visiting the Cougar Cave, and you feel comfortable in this environment, you are invited to join us for a caving experience at a more advanced level...

Caving in Namer Cave With Israel Extreme

It is highly recommended to combine the tour in the Namer Cave with rappelling at the nearby Keshet Cave. These two activities go "hand in hand" and are a very successful combination...

Rappelling Keshet Cave Israel Extreme

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Caving General
"Amazing day of caving We did a tour into a cave in the north in Israel and it was just amazing. Originally we had booked a tour to the black canyon for canyoning. Unfortunately due to covid-19 the tour had to be cancelled as the Nationalpark closed the track. However we switched to a caving experience, which was just amazing. Our guide Danielle was great. He was very patient whenever he felt like we need some time to get used to. He has a lot of knowledge about caves and the surrounding and told us a lot about it. Overall it was just a great day and we highly recommend everyone to join this adventure! Best regards, Katty Date of experience: June 2020"
Caving General 1
Danny S
"An amazing experience We were on a tour of the cave and it was a once in a lifetime experience. See the huge stalactites and go down and climb through rappelling ... In short, highly recommended! The guide (Shachar) was very professional and nice... Thanks Date of experience: June 2020"
Keshet and Namer Cave
Nechemia G
"Keshet Cave and Cougher Cave We were looking for something fun to do within a more personal setting and we were recommended to rappel at Keshet Cave which was an awesome experience as well as caving at Cougher Cave which was a great activity. Israel Extreme was a pleasure to deal with especially thru email. In addition, the guide was very understanding, patient and a real mentch. NG Date of experience: November 2017"
Keshet and Namer Cave 1
"Rapelling at Keshet Cave & Exploring Ma'arat Namer I just want to send everyone who helped us at Israel Extreme a big, big THANK YOU. We had a really great time every step of the way. From the first contact with Israel Extreme to the actual adventure, everyone was extremely helpful. Daniel was a perfect guide - calm, kind, patient, intelligent - and had interesting "extras" like stories, riddles, tea and chocolate, and a very nice personality. We expected our 18, 17, and 15 year old children to have no problem with the rappelling, but our 10 and 12 year olds (and their parents!) were not planning to be as brave. With Daniel's confidence and clear instructions, we all rappelled off the arch! The hike back was gorgeous and fun (even got to hold baby goats) and the next stop, Namer Cave was also unique. As the kids said, "this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience" that we hope we have a chance to repeat in another adventure. Date of experience: April 2017"
Caving General 4
Robert V
"Caving in Israel Fantastic!!!!!!! I went caving in 2 caves with Israel Extreme and it was a lifetime experience. The team are very professional and it felt more like I was spending time with friends not be taken on a tour by a guide. I cannot recommend them enough. I will certainly contact them again next time I go back to Israel. Definitely a must do!!!!! Date of experience: November 2015"

Frequently asked questions

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Hiking boots are recommended, if you don’t own them, other sturdy closed shoes (sneakers) will be acceptable. Water shoes and sandals are not sturdy enough.
Once you have booked your tour with us, we will send you a confirmation and supply list email. It will have everything you should bring with you and it also has a link for driving directions to Namer Cave.
Most of the cave is quite big but there are 2 points that it gets a bit tight.
Caves in general are not the best place for people who are claustrophobic but this cave it’s not like Bar Kochba Cave where there is a long narrow tunnel that requires crawling for a long time. It has small rooms that have passages from one to another. It might be appropriate for people with claustrophobia. It depends.
No, your hands must be free for safety. That is why headlamps are relevant.

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