Rappelling at Nachal Gilbon

Rappelling at Nachal Gilbon

Nahal Gilbon is one of the most famous streams in the Golan Heights. With its steep descent from the Golan Heights Ridge into the Hula Valley, it makes its way into the Jordan near the “Cork Bridge”. This is a high stream with a flow of water that runs vigorously all year round. Along the stream is thick vegetation such as oak trees, figs, river hawthorns, and so much more. The view from the creek is particularly impressive, and attracts avid hikers from all over the country.

Once we are well up the stream, we’ll find two spectacular waterfalls. The first is called ‘Deborah’s waterfall’. It is about 7 meters high and lying down at the bottom is a large and deep pool. The second waterfall, ‘Gilbon waterfall’, is a jaw dropping 50 meters high and is the highest flowing waterfall in all of Israel. Yes, Gamla waterfall is slightly higher – about 51 meters – but does not always have water flow. If you are looking for a completely authentic experience, we invite you to take the challenge of this raw ‘canyoning’ experience!

We begin our adventure in the parking lot and from here we make our way on the marked path to the creek channel leading to ‘Deborah’s waterfall’ which is named after the ancient Syrian village – “Deborah” located nearby. As we continue walking down the creek, after about 2 km we will reach the top of the one and only Gilbon waterfall! At this point, we make our descent from the marked path and begin walking to the top of the waterfall where your guide will prepare your abseiling position. Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for…One by one, we will connect to the ropes and glide over the powerful waterfall to the bottom – to the large pool of water where the water falls vigorously! We will swim and cross the pool, and after we reach its end, we’ll have a moment to take in the enormous waterfall we just slid down! Once finished disconnecting from our ropes, we will continue on the marked trail that climbs gently back to the parking lot where we first began.

This is a unique experience and a rare opportunity for extreme abseiling in a clear and cold waterfall at the highest altitude with an incredibly stunning view. It is a charming route on the Western slopes of the Golan Heights, and is suitable for the entire family. There is no obligation to abseil at the Golan waterfall. For anyone who does not wish to abseil – they can opt to go down the marked path to the bottom of the fall. From there they can take pictures and watch the other participants abseil down the fall!


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