Skydiving in Rosh Pina

Skydiving in Rosh Pina

The new skydiving site in Israel and one of the most unique in the world! It is very rare to jump between high mountains with a combination of a sea view. 
The skydiving is carried out from our new skydiving plane that came from New Zealand, the “SuperPac”, with comfortable seating benches (and not on the floor) so that you can enjoy the incredible view during the flight, and mentally prepare yourself for the ultimate extreme experience!!
When it’s your turn, your personal Tandem Master (guide) will sit with you in the doorway as your legs flutter above the open air. They guide will check that you are ready and will jump out of the plane door with you towards the winning view!
We will descend into the Syrian African rift to a unique view of two famous mountain ranges on either side of us! From the west, we can clearly see the Mediterranean Sea! On one side of the Galilee you can see the second highest mountain in Israel – Mount Meron, which is in the Safed mountain range. On our other side, the volcanic range of the Golan Heights at the end of which rises the highest mountain in Israel – the Hermon ski resort, and in the middle “the cherry on top” is the blue Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).
In this one dive you can look over three countries at the same time!!! – Israel, Lebanon and Syria, on a good day we will even see as far as Beirut!!


  • Activities Included: Skydiving in Israel
  • Type: Extreme Activities Mandatory
  • Level: Suitable for all levels Beginners, Adventurous and Extreme!
  • Ages: 12 - 120
  • Estimated Time: 1-2 hours
  • Season: Perfect all year round!
  • Location: Northern Israel, Galilee see on map

Your Safety
Israel is known for having the strictest skydiving regulations in the world. Your safety is our number one priority. As members of The Israeli Skydiving Association we work in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel to ensure your absolute safety.

Don’t worry, no previous experience is necessary. Our experienced, English speaking staff known for their spectacular customer service, will escort you through this amazing adventure of your tandem skydiving jump from start to finish. A tandem jump is the safest, easiest, and most fun way to discover this new world of joy, freedom and pure adrenaline.

Talk about style…

Our skydiving gear is also from the cream of the crop: brand new, clean and the most comfortable and luxurious models on the market.

And If you'd like, we can capture on video your entire skydive: from preparation on the ground, the flight to altitude, the jump itself, and the after-hugs with your family and friends through a “Selfie” or taken by a professional photographer…

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