Upper Galilee Canyon

Upper Galilee Canyon

We will take you to an amazing canyon in the north Galilee. Almost completely in the shade in the forest, this hike includes three large waterfalls (dry a majority of the year) and many stunning view points out into the canyon.

As we are hiking, we will come upon openings in the lush forest where we will witness the amazing scenery of the canyon and Galilee below: the Golan Heights, the Hula Valley and lake, the Orevim Valley, and Mt. Hermon.


After about 25 minutes of hiking, we will arrive at the first big waterfall. After setting up the ropes we will rappell over this waterfall.

Down Climbing

We will continue hiking until we reach the second impressive waterfall. Here we will do some real down climbing while harnessed to ropes.

Rock Climbing

Further along our beautiful hike we will come to the third waterfall. This time, we will take a trail around it to the base of the waterfall. Your guide will set up the ropes once again. At this point we will introduce real rock climbing as you climb back up the waterfall!

This is a beautiful and very technical downhill hike which involves hiking in Israel through natural forests of Oak and Carob trees, on a mostly unmarked trail, scrambling, rock climbing and rappelling, and even using iron handles along parts of the trail, and requires decent balance.

At the end of the hike, we will take you to a lovely natural spring to relax and cool off.

As for right now, this site is not available due to the regulations of the Nature Reserve. 





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