Water Sports on the Kinneret

Kef (“Fun” in Hebrew) on the Kinneret

Even though this is the calmer option, there will be no shortage of fun in the sun here… This trip starts with a spin on the Sea of Galilee, Lake Kinneret. Your guide will give you a personalized and private tour around the Lake Kinneret in a Malibu speed boat! For those of you that don’t know boats, the Mailbu speed boat is one of a kind… You will also get a once in a lifetime chance to drive this amazing boat on the Kinneret! Afterwards, you will be able to swim in the Sea of Galilee as well as “chill out” and relax in the sun…

Extreme Water Sports

Get ready for some serious water adventure fun with this option! Memories in the making, your wildest dreams becoming a reality…. Yes, this will happen when you chose this option… Depending on the number of your group, your water adventures can range from water skiing, and wake boarding , to banana boating, tornado boating, tubing and more…. Here is how it works… After arriving at the well-equipped, private beach rich with treasures such as Eucalyptus trees, depending on the number in the group, half of the group will first relax on the beach while the others take a wild spin on the Kinneret. Each group going out on the Kinneret can hook up whatever they want to the boat… bigger groups will use the tornado boats and banana boats, smaller groups will be able to water ski and wake board…The possibilities are endless…on the beach you can set up a BBQ (coordinated in advance)… you can sun bathe… you can play on the beach…. And in the water when it’s your turn for a spin from the boat you can hook up whatever water adventure floats your boat literally!!

SUP, SUP, SUP! Before or after your water sports and boating adventure, you can also rent a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) board and partake in some serious extreme water adventure!




  • Activities Included: Water Sports Rafting / Kayaking in Israel
  • Type: No extreme activities involved
  • Level: Suitable for all levels Beginners, Adventurous and Extreme!
  • Ages: 10 - 65
  • Estimated Time: 3-5 hours
  • Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter
  • Location: Northern Israel, Galilee see on map

Because Israel has such an extended summer season, Israelis and tourists alike are able to enjoy numerous water adventures almost all year long! Israel Extreme provides clients with some of the most unique, and adventurous water sports in Israel. Our private tours given by professional, licensed guides who focus on customer satisfaction and use only the latest, most advanced, and state of the art boats and equipment on the market!!

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