Zaki Trail Water Hike

Most Adventurous Water Adventure in Israel!

Fresh, flowing, spring water… hot yet enjoyable Israeli sun… enchanting and picturesque nature… Sound good? Then you must experience The Zaki Water Adventure!


Zaki River Path in the North of Israel!

Flowing out of its fresh, spring source, the Zaki River travels from the top of the Golan Heights downward towards the Kinneret. Our hike follows the river’s path along the valley with big slippery volcanic stones at each step and giant lava boulders to climb over.  And let’s not forget about the water! Reaching your knees at certain points and your hips at others, the Zaki Water Adventure is one of our most exciting water adventures around.

Swimming with Water Life in the River!

Along the trail, there are even several pools that you need to swim through in order to continue with your hike*. The water’s temperature is perfect in the heat of the sun if you want to take a swim and splash around! Just be careful not to disturb the water turtles or the huge variety of fish that call the Zaki River their home. While hiking, you will find yourself surrounded by lush greenery, a variety of local birds as well as the vast, wondrous views of the country. With the Golan Heights behind you and the breathtaking views of the Kinneret in front of you, you will experience the perfect meeting point of both regions.

Best Water Hike in Israel!

No Experience Necessary!

The Zaki Water Adventure can be technical but it is not a strenuous hike, since it is all flat land.  There are many exit points throughout the hike if someone gets tired along the way.

*This hike still can be completed by someone who does not know how to swim. We have to know in advance in order to provide life jackets.





  • Activities Included: Hiking in Israel
  • Type: No extreme activities involved
  • Level: Suitable for all levels Beginners, Adventurous and Extreme!
  • Ages: 7 - 85
  • Estimated Time: 2-4 hours
  • Season: Perfect all year round!
  • Location: Northern Israel, Golan Heights see on map

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