Zip-Line and Via Ferrata in the Western Galilee

Zip-Line and Via Ferrata in the Western Galilee

A full day of adventure that includes all five activities – Via Ferrata + Rappelling + Rock Climbing + Zip-Line + Hiking!

Join us for the new and more challenging attraction of “Zip-Line Via Ferrata”, or “The Iron Road” in English, is a challenging and unique climbing adventure that is carried out along the cliff when we are secured to a steel cable connected to the cliff and accompanied by a breathtaking view of trees, mountains, and sea.

 A special and challenging sports field that is gaining momentum, popularity and great interest in the world. This adventure of “Via Ferrata” is the second out of three in Israel, and is considered to be of a higher technical and challenging level than the first. This adventure additionally combines Via Ferrata as a way to pass from cliff to cliff, also cliff rappelling and omegas (zip-lining) as a way to pass from the top of the cliff to the cliff!

We do 4 different activities on this site, some of the activities are independent of each other, meaning that you can choose to do all of them or only some of them, all according to the interest and the time available to us.

1) Via Ferrata – this is a section of about 900 meters in which we will climb cliffs, descend in ravines, hold on to iron handles, cross suspension bridges and be constantly secured to a steel cable that accompanies us along the route. We will use special equipment that ensures that every second and moment we are secure – the equipment that allows us to reach points on the cliff that were never accessible to humans!

2) Zip-Lines – two zip-line sections – we will zip-line the steel cable at speed while looking at the amazing view and the sea!

3) Rappelling – in the middle of the Via Ferrata, when everyone is secured to the cable, ropes will be anchored and you will be able to rappel over the cliff.

4) Rock climbing – after we finish rappelling, the way back to the Via Ferrata route is by “rock climbing”, of course there are several different levels of climbing that will be adapted to your ability.

After we finish climbing the cliffs, we will continue on the “Via Ferrata” adventure back to the starting point where we will say goodbye to the site which is considered one of the most beautiful and special in the State of Israel!


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