Skydiving: F.A.Q.


1. Who can skydive in Israel?

All healthy individuals over the age of 12 (with parental accompaniment) can enjoy a tandem jump. If you have any concerns about your health, you should consult with your doctor and bring a doctor’s note. We require a doctor’s note for all individuals over the age of 55.


2. Is there an age restriction for skydiving in Israel?

As part of our club’s policy, we decided not to let children under the age of 12 skydive. From our experience, even if the kids seem excited before skydiving, the experience itself comes across as scary and sometimes traumatic. In many cases, the child refuses to leave the plane and it ends up being a disappointment both to the child and the parents.


3. Who are prohibited from skydiving in Israel?

Pregnant women are not allowed to jump
Anyone who has been scuba diving in the last 24 hours
People who suffer from:

– sinus/ear problems

– Heart diseases

– Herniated disc or back problems

– Epilepsy or other seizure disorders

– Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

– If you don’t feel well on the day of your skydive for any other reason, it is recommended that you wait until you are feeling better.


4. Is there a weight limit for skydiving in Israel?

Yes. You must weigh 35kg and be 1.2m tall. There is an additional fee for individuals whose weight is more than 89kg or are taller than 1.87m once they receive clearance from the head instructor.


5. At what altitude do we skydive in Israel?

At this point, we jump from 11,000 feet (almost 3.5km).


6. How long is the free fall when skydiving in Israel?

The free fall portion of the dive lasts approximately 40 seconds.


7. What view will I see skydiving with you in Israel?

We jump over one of the most beautiful places in Israel! From one side you will be able to see the coasts of the western Galilee, Acco, and Haifa Bay, all the way to Lebanon. From the other side, you will enjoy the views of the Golan, the Kinneret and Mt. Hermon.


8. Do I need to book in advance to skydive in Israel?

Yes. The jumps are by reservation only. The number of jumps per day is limited so you must call in advance to reserve your skydiving jump.
9. How long will my skydive take?
Your whole tandem skydive experience will take around 2-3 hours.
10. What do I need to bring?
You don’t need much more than a smile and sense of adventure! We provide a jumpsuit, hat, goggles and gloves… And in winter you’ll need to wear warm clothes – layers rather than something bulky, please.
11. What do I wear for tandem skydiving?
Israel Extreme will provide your tandem skydiving jumpsuit, helmet, goggles and gloves. You will need to wear sensible, secure footwear and warm clothing (in layers) during the winter. You can wear either glasses or contact lenses for your tandem skydive without any problem.
12. Can I wear glasses/contacts?

Yes, you can wear your glasses/contacts – you’ll want to be able to take in the views! We give you goggles that will fit over your glasses or contacts. (Please let your instructor know if you are wearing contact lenses.)


13. Can I jump barefoot?

No. For health and safety reasons everyone must be wearing secure closed footwear.


14. Should I eat before I jump?

Just eat normally, skydiving should not make you feel queasy!


15. Can my friends and family come and watch me Skydiving?

Yes. Bring as many friends and family to watch and take pictures!


16. Can I take my camera in the plane with me and during my skydive?

For safety reasons you are not able to take anything in the plane with you… Cameras can come out during the freefall and hit the instructor on the head! You could end up with a very annoyed or unconscious instructor and neither is desirable. So, for safety reasons, we say “no” to taking up personal camera equipment.


17. Can I go in the plane if I am not jumping?

Nope. Sorry. Again, for safety reasons, everyone in the plane must wear a parachute – even our pilot. And once the door is open everyone in the plane has to jump out, this is why we are not able to take up observers!