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Customer Satisfaction is one of our top priorities... Only once you are happy, are we satisfied with our efforts since a tour with Israel Extreme is bound to leave you with a smile on your face and memories that last a lifetime…

  • Marie D

    We were up for family fun with some adventure and thanks to Israel Extreme, we have spent two amazing days. We have kayaked on the Dead Sea and hiked in Nahal Og with some repelling. Daniel has been most helpful in advising on the activities suitable for our family and things were perfectly organized. Our guides, Ofer for the Dead Sea and Shir for the hike, were both very professional and very nice. I would recommend Israel Extreme to anybody for fantastic activities in Israel!!!

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  • Kim

    We had an amazing experience. You can tell that the people that work here love their jobs. They were so accommodating to our plans and knowledgeable about the area and the climbs we did. Thank you Israel Extreme!

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  • Avigail

    This was my second experience with Israel Extreme, and I must say that every single member of their staff is a pleasure to work with. Their customer service is superb, and they treat you as if you are their only customer. Definitely an unusual find in Israel! (this country doesn't believe in customer service, generally).
    Customer service aside, the adventure tours they provide are unique and simply awesome. I have toured pretty much all of Israel, and Israel Extreme still has what to offer.

    My friend and I did the Via Ferrata hike/climbing above Kiryat Shemoneh. It is beautiful up there, and the hike itself is fun and challenging. There isn't much of a drop, so it was comfortable even for my friend who is afraid of heights. If you are an experienced rock climber, bring your shoes and let them know in advance that you climb:)

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  • Yocheved Binah

    Israel Extreme showed me faith is not blind; I don't need wings to help me fly. Climbing into the baki - I was a tad bit nervous. This girl and keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground is a must...until now. As we started the small engine, we began to build speed. Soaring upwards; the ground began to shrink. Soon I was one with the birds and clouds. This is what it means to be free! Israel Extreme was patient and friendly throughout the entire booking and tour process! If you're looking for the best of the best; look no further!!

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  • Mel Sara K

    We took two days with a very knowledgeable , patient and friendly guide from Israel Extreme. The first day we went abseiling in Nahal Tamar and everything was set up professionally and safely. We then crossed over to Nahal ztafit which some of our kids found more challenging than they had expected - so we abandoned the second part of the hike. Our guide was kind, and understanding and made every effort to find an alternative option. We finished off in a hidden spring which was delightful and a fun ending to the day. The next day we went to a large canyon and bathed in another watering hole. We learned about the history and geology of the area. We also found a huge sand dune to climb and walked along a cliff path over looking Maale Palmach. It was awesome. I highly recommend the services of Israel Extreme. They are also very reliable too - this weekend there was a lot of rain and we were on alert for desert flooding. Our guide was updated the whole time and very responsible.

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  • Tropper

    We had a fantastic day hiking, rappelling, and climbing through a magnificent underground salt cave. Israel Extreme was super helpful in organizing my trip despite my last minute phone call. Everything was done in a smooth, safe, professional, and personable manner. They provided us with a detailed list of what we would need to bring along, and what to expect. My kids and I loved the experience. With such great service and so many choices of activities, I would definitely use then again on my next trip.

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  • Rainer

    We had booked a guided hiking tour in Nahal Peres. Because of a heavy rain warning, our tour had to be postponed 2 days to be on the safe side. This was easy and problem-free, and in consultation with us - and we even got tips on where we could safely hike alone on the originally planned day. About the actual tour: Jonathan, our tour guide, was over-punctual (not a matter of course for Israel) at the agreed meeting point at the lower end of Nahal Peres. There we left our car and drove together to the parking lot at the top, that is, we only walked the tour in one direction from top to bottom. This alone would not have been possible for the two of us with just one car. Our tour through Nahal Peres was a "pure" hike, ie without abseiling or mountaineering climbing. There were also families with children. Nevertheless, one should be able to walk and be agile when taking this tour; In some places we had to climb steps built into the rock, in other places we had to slide down slowly on smooth, washed-out rock. This was for us - we are +/- 60 - but everything is feasible - and in case of doubt there was help from our tour guide. But above all there was: A breathtaking landscape of rock, blue sky - combined with perfect explanations of geology, plants and animals - and biblical contexts. In the middle of the gravel there was a fig tree and capers. At the end there was a wonderful distant view as far as Jordan. Side note: Jonathan wasn't too bad to collect plastic waste on the way and to dispose of it in a trash can at the end. All in all, it was a perfect day.

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  • Aylit S

    My daughter did a 10 days program run by Israel Extreme and it was fantastic. The activities were amazing, and the staff was great. She had the best time! Wish I could have gone myself!

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  • Tsafi P

    It was a perfect balance - private guidance, atmosphere, assistance, beautiful spots
    We recommend very much😊

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  • Efrat Chayen

    Our group included my children and grandchildren, a total of 14 people ,ages 5 to 42. Despite of the wide range of ages and abilities, the Israel Extreme team managed to plan and carry out an exciting and rewarding outdoor experience. The guides were professional in every way, from the high level equipment to the warm and personal attitude. We will definitely be happy to turn to Israel Extreme to plan our future adventures in nature.

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  • Leslie

    "BEST SUMMER EVER!!" was how my kids described their summer with Israel Extreme! They experienced Israel like never before! Every day was full of MAJOR action and adventure, and SAFETY above all. Highly recommend!!

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  • Emily

    My daughter spent 11 days with Israel Extreme. She says she wished it was 365 days. It was an amazing experience for her. My family plans to use Israel extreme many times in the future.

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  • Jesse Paquin

    I went paragliding and it was awesome! There I was, strapped into a parachute with a pilot named Omer, and then the wind carried us up over the beach in Netanya and higher than the buildings. We were so high up and I couldn't believe that we were doing this with only the wind keeping us up in the air! Omer was awesome and when did some aerobatics I felt so calm. This was literally flying! I am hooked and want to do it again and even learn how to fly myself.

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  • Maryan

    They are very professional and they handle everything very well especially my guide. It's my first skydiving experience and I'm still speechless and it's really amazing. Highly recommended to my friends and family️. See you on my next adventure!

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  • Yoav L

    The experience of going down with the rope into the water side by side to the waterfalls was amazing, while our guide, Ofek was supper professional and interesting person.

    The nature atmosphere was absolutely perfect!

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  • Rochel R

    Israel Extreme arranged for two incredible days of touring- experiences that our family will remember for years to come. From start to finish, the office staff provided recommendations and advice with regard to scheduling, an overnight stay up north, and an additional side trip to Rosh Hanikra. Meidad-our guide in Tzefat was knowledgeable and provided a truly immmersive experience. Eitan Oren of Kibbutz Malkiel warmly welcomed us and provided a Jeep tour along the border, bonding time with various groups of Tzahals finest young men and women and he guided us through a shooting range experience - it wasn’t merely a tour- it was truly a visit with “family”.
    We look forward to our next Israel Extreme experience soon,

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  • Ahuva Y Weinreb

    We had an amazing time, definitely the highlight tour of our trip. Not being an avid climber made the trip a bit challenging but with the help of our fantastic guide Shmulik we not only accomplished the climb but had lots of fun exploring . We highly recommend this trip and are eager to try others that we’ve seen posted .

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  • Bayla S

    We had the most amazing time! Israel extreme planned the most incredible 2 days for our family of 7 and 2 other friends traveling with us. Ages ranged from 2-40 and every single person had fun. The guides kept us feeling safe and excited. They had the utmost patience for each person and managed to help each person in the way that (s)he needed. I would book them again in a heartbeat. Can't wait for our next extreme adventure. Thanks for the best time! Highly highly recommend!

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  • Nechemia G

    We were looking for something fun to do within a more personal setting and we were recommended to rappel at Keshet Cave which was an awesome experience as well as caving at Cougher Cave which was a great activity. Israel Extreme was a pleasure to deal with especially thru email. In addition, the guide was very understanding, patient and a real mentch.

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  • Marc

    Wow – we had a wonderful time. Above all, both guides were terrific. Informed, intelligent, friendly, helpful and a joy to be with.
    Both tours were great. The Salt wonder was totally unique. Fascinating, exciting (even terrifying in parts) and utterly memorable. Boaz was a great guide.
    Nachal Tamarim was stunning. The views, the walks and the setting was spectacular. The abseiling was plentiful and challenging. That was also a wonderful day with a fun and energetic guide.

    So all in all, we are very pleased and satisfied. Everything worked perfectly. No complaints whatsoever.

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  • Mark Coronel

    The trip was excellent and Stav out guide was a pleasure. We all had a great and safe time . I have used Israel Extreme three times before and would give them my highest recommendation for quality, professionalism and a thorough knowledge of the land.

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  • Sophie

    Our family was in Israel for the Sukkot holiday and we we're looking for something special to do. We contacted Israel Extreme and their very personable tour director and office staff, suggested we try Skydiving. To say the least I was apprehensive, however the actual jump and professional over the top service and guidance from Moshe our jump guide, made it a truly unforgettable experience. Thank you for the video's and stills as well!

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  • David A

    We were a 12 year old boy, 10 year old girl, and a nervous dad. Our guide, Betachya, met us in Jerusalem where we rented a car and drove into the middle of nowhere. (We were doing Fox's Chimney activity.) We suited up and headed up the long steep climb - and then repelled down a craggy drop - "just lean back" Betachya told me - YOU just lean back! I nervously joked. I gave in and so did the kids and the rush of the experience began. We did 2 repells, walked through pitch black caves, and crawled on our bellies through tight spots -it was awesome. Betachya was fantastic, his enjoyment increased ours -nothing jaded or tired about him or his leading the day.
    The first time I spoke with Moshe - the owner - I was struck by his passion as he described the different activities. Chana from the office was extremely patient and helpful as I worked to coordinate this with the other activities of our trip.
    I cannot think of a single thing I would change or suggest as an improvement. 100% do it!!

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  • Jeffrey Friedman

    I have been on five different tours with Israel Extreme, Fox's Chimney, Abirim Stalactite Cave, Nachal Darja, Nachal Tamarim and the Black Canyon. Every experience has been amazing and if you are into some challenging times, this is the right company for you. I can't say enough great things about all of the tour guides who have been on these tours and they are really first class. Safety absolutely comes first with this company and these guides and despite some extremely challenging times, I have always felt totally at ease with the guides. Pick a tour and get ready for some of the most fun times of your life.

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  • Evvy B

    Our guide was amazing and went above and beyond all that was expected. It was truly an adventure we will remember forever!!!

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  • Maria Daveydenko

    My travel buddy and I contacted Israel Extreme after a local advised us to give the Alma Cave hike a try. Even though we contacted them last minute, they were very responsive and, after hearing our interests and outdoor experience, recommended the Abirim Cave trip instead. At first I thought it was an up-sell. And it was -- in the very best sense of the word. It was our first time spelunking/caving and our guide, Moshe, was attentive and on his game. Crawling into a small crack in the ground under a starry sky to rappel from the ceiling into a cave a over a hundred feet deep, surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites, is not an experience I will ever forget. The sheer number and variety of rock formations left us in awe. I was also very impressed with our guide's knowledge of not only cave exploration, but also geology. And his stories are awesome. Be sure to ask him about Boaz. Abirim Cave defined our trip to Israel. Thanks Team Israel Extreme!

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  • Addison Howard

    There are two things that make a great guided adventure - your guide (and the company), and the adventure itself....

    I can't say enough about Israel Extreme. We were taking a risk even trying to book with such short notice, and doing so in a country where we had no phone access - all via email when we had rare wifi service. I had lots of questions regarding logistics and some of the administrative work, and the company was incredibly helpful, quick to respond, and easy to work with...

    I can't say enough about Israel Extreme and our time with them. If you don't book, you're missing out!

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  • Orit Levit

    Our family (2 adults & 2 teens) visited Israel in June. Since we like to add a little adventure to our vacations, we booked two trips with Israel Extreme - the Black Canyon and Fox's Chimney. We all enjoyed the trips very much. The Black Canyon hike was a full-day hike, including rappelling, boulder climbing and jumping into refreshing pools. Daniel, our guide was skillful, knowledgeable about the land and most importantly friendly and patient. I won't say who was most afraid of heights in our group (in my defense I've never been on extreme hikes before) but Daniel made sure we all made it through and had a great time. Fox's Chimney was another great experience. Our guide Betachia was terrific. There is no mistaking - he knows his stuff. Using a rope, he lowered us down 70 meters into a salt cave and then guided us through the cave, pointing out interesting formations. It was an experience you won't get anywhere else. I highly recommend Israel Extreme if you want to spice up your trip to Israel!

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  • Nyc Traveler 077

    Went on amazing sunset hike and caving adventure. Dropping 90meters in total darkness into the salt caves was surreal . Our guide Ptchia was exceptional. Excellent wealth of information and very dedicated and capable. Meant for fit adults and kids over 10 with a sense of adventure. Highly recommend it for families with teens . Unforgettable experience .

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  • DraxNJ

    Went with Daniel for a half day excursion. He led us on a trek that was not to be believed. We rappelled, climbed and hiked while seeing some amazing overlooks. It was a challenging day but one we will never forget. Our guide was par excellence and couldn't have done more to make it a spectacular excursion.

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  • Ariella F.

    We had such a fabulous time at our tour of Keshet and Namer! The sights were so beautiful and our guide, Daniel, was absolutely the best! He always knew what to say at the right time and made the experience a very positive one. Thanks for an unbelievable tour;)!!! Looking forward to the next one.

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  • Ron Baker

    It has been a pleasure having vacation adventures with Israel Extreme. You understood what I wanted and designed a perfect vacation. Everyone I have dealt with in your company has been professional, competent, responsive, helpful and friendly! Alon and Daniel were fantastic guides! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the tours and activities.

    I have been taking “extreme” vacations for many years, in Israel and around the world. This was my first experience with Israel Extreme but it won’t be my last. You are a world-class organization on par with the best adventure tourism companies anywhere in the world. I have used other adventure companies in Israel in the past but I will only use Israel Extreme in the future. I hope to return to Israel soon and will definitely get in touch.

  • The Belly of the Earth

    Our trip with Moshe through Fox's Chimney was the bomb. The kids had a ton of fun, everything felt safe, salt stalagmites were insanely cool, Moshe was interesting to talk to ... it was quite an adventure. Do it.