Horseback Riding in Israel

Horseback Riding

Ride More and Worry Less while Horseback Riding in Israel with Israel Extreme!

Israel Extreme’s Horseback Riding Adventures take you along a beautiful route high above the Sea of Galilee. Amazingly beautiful panoramic views of the Kinneret accompany us all along the way. The horses are gentle and well-trained so anyone can ride. No prior horseback riding experience is necessary. Horseback riding can be an adventure on its own, or can be added to many of our hiking, rappelling and rock climbing adventures.

Horseback Riding is a family fun adventure that builds everlasting memories!

Riding is a way to solve any problem and the perfect companion never has fewer than four feet. Horseback riding in Israel is a great way to connect with the land and its amazingly kind spirited horses. Once you climb into your saddle you will be ready for an adventure ride that will leave you breathless. Riding builds courage, confidence, and character for all ages! For some horseback riding is a sport and for others its a lifestyle. Israel Extreme’s horseback riding adventures take you on the most beautiful route Israel has to offer…

“Horseback riding in Israel builds courage, confidence, and character.”

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