Team Building and ODT Day For Work Groups

Team Building and ODT Day For Work Groups

If you are an owner of a company, an office, school, or even a classroom, extended family, or friends – are you thinking about what to do with your group? Maybe how you can improve the dynamics between workers, or just interested in having a fun day filled with meaning and substance?

Israel Extreme has a solution for what you are looking for! Together we will build and shape the perfect activities that fit specifically for your needs and interests to achieve your goals!

No matter what the size of your group is, and even what your abilities are or are not, we have perfect choices located in the desert all the way to the forest! We will focus on building a stronger sense of team work, and dynamics between everyone whether its facing and overcoming fears, developing creativity, and developing leadership and decision making skills. Of course everything is in a fun and inspiring environment!

This is also a fantastic choice for birthday parties, bat/bat miztvah events, and even for events of all types!

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