Hiking in Israel

Hikes in Israel

Hikes in Israel More and Worry Less!

When you have nothing to lose and a world to see hiking in Israel is great way to step outside and step within. There may be no Wifi connection but we promise a more brilliant connection that only nature can offer. For a such small country, Israel has an amazing variety of climate zones, ecosystems, and natural features. Israel Extreme will take you on Hiking Adventures all over the country, through the mountains and desert, rivers and canyons, waterfalls and riverbeds. It feels good to be lost in the right direction so keep calm and hike on when hikes in israel with Israel Extreme.

Because life is better in hiking boots…

Our hiking tours can be tailored to any challenge level, from an easy stroll to a multi-day cross-country trek. The exciting hikes in israel adventures listed here also include rappelling. On some of the hikes the rappelling is optional and on some rappelling is the only way to complete the hike. Let us know what you would like to see and we will design a hike to meet your skills, preferences and interests…

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Hiking in Israel.

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