Nachal Kumran

Nachal Kumran

This is a famous national archeological natural canyon, Nachal Kumran is a remarkable desert hike that includes rappelling, spectacular views, unique birds and desert animals. This hike is a round-trip hike, which means we finish where we started. We start the hike uphill towards the top of the canyon. Along the way we follow a dry riverbed and rappel down five waterless waterfalls. The upper Kumran River Canyon merges with the Schacha River Canyon, joining together as the Lower Kumran River Canyon. It continues westward for two kilometers to the Atekim Cliff and to a stunning canyon stream with several waterfalls. This hike and rappelling is on the simpler side, with short rappels making it appropriate for beginners. There are a number of ancient archeological sites and ruins in the area including Dir al Katar, Garznik, and HaRikyana, as well as a partially reconstructed ancient Kumran site.

We will be using ropes and gear throughout the cave in order to maneuver around the obstacles, and in some places in order to avoid damaging this special cave. There is hiking, climbing, crawling and rappelling involved.

We must exit the cave the same way we enter. Using specialized equipment we will climb back up the ropes to our starting point above ground. This cave is a perfect tour choice all year round as the temperature remains cool in the summer and pleasant in the winter; it maintains a constant year-round temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit/25 degrees Celsius.




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