Gesher Bnot Yaakov

Ropes Course at Gesher B’not Yaakov (Daughters of Jacob Bridge)

This is a new, private tour we are very excited about and have received fantastic feedback!  All of the activities for this private tour are completely optional. You can spend as many hours there as you want. All of the activities can be done repeatedly. While some are doing the activities, others can walk around, hike the paths, relax by the water in the shade, or swim in the Jordan river. We can also arrange a beautiful meal at the site for your group (from picnic style to BBQ to gourmet cuisine).

1.     Rappelling into the Jordan River

2.     HUGE Zipline into the Jordan River

3.     Commando-style Rope Climb from the water of the Jordan River up to the bridge

4.     Amazing Bungee Swoop (Swing)

5.     Swimming in the Jordan River


  • Activities Included: Rappelling in Israel Bungee Jumping in Israel Zip-Lining
  • Type: Optional: This means that if a person has any reservations about participating in the activity (whether it is rappelling or the swing) then they can decide on the spot what to do.
  • Level: No Experience Necessary
  • Ages: 5 - 65
  • Estimated Time: 3-6 hours
  • Season: Perfect all year round! Ideal in the Spring and Fall.
  • Location: Galilee, Northern Israel, Golan Heights see on map

You will be surrounded by a panoramic view of Israel in all of its beauty. Situated over the Jordan River about 9 miles north of the Sea of Galilee and about 10 miles east of Rosh Pina on Route 91, this special Bailey bridge is an Israeli landmark. Off of this bridge we set up the huge 122 meter zip-line, commando rope, bungee swoop, and rappelling. You will be surrounded with a panoramic stunning view of the flowing Jordan below, the mountains of the Galilee and the Golan to either side of you. We end the zip-line, bungee swoop, rope climb and rappelling in the cool water of the Jordan river.

Adrenaline junkies - For those who are EXTREME at heart, we offer you the bungee swoop! You will be harnessed around the waist and legs and bungee off while attached to the other side of the bridge, giving the jump a huge swoop and swinging motion. Even just watching the bungee swoop is an adrenaline rush! There is nothing else like this in all of Israel. Fun, fun, fun!

The site is accessible to all, even strollers. The rappelling and bungee swoop are easy but VERY exciting as you are suspended in mid-air, not facing a rock cliff. No experience is necessary. All of the activities are completely optional and can be done repeatedly.

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