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Extreme Info

Israel Extreme offers an array of amazing adventure tours ranging from exciting Extreme Sports in Israel to fun-filled, jam packed outdoor private tours for all ages customized to fit your interests, abilities and wildest dreams!

Israel Extreme also offers day packages along with week-long itineraries for groups of all sizes that can highlight your latest simcha such as bar/bas mitzvah, anniversary, etc or your latest family vacation.

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Into The Unknown

Into The Unknown Can you remember that feeling when we were little balancing off the top of the highest diving board towering over the pool? The sense of fear as your tum drops to the floor, and your toes dangle – hesitating at the edge while breathing in quick startled breaths. Rappelling may appear easy […]

Nachal Jilabun in the Summer

Nachal Jilabun in the Summer Now that the summer heat is on its way, it is time to make a splash and welcome summer time adventures! We had what felt like a long and hard winter, and now life is beginning to resemble something that we have not seen in over a year! The fresh […]

“Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization.” – Charles Lindbergh

Freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization… Now that the seger has finally ended and ‘normal’ life is beginning to start up a little more, it’s time to head outdoors while the weather allows! These snowy days are limited and holds all kinds of possibilities for quite a bit of fun!! Nature is ever so […]

Skydiving at Masada Like No One Before

Skydiving at Masada Like No One Before For many years now, thousands of tourists flock to the Dead Sea to experience its healing properties. From the rich, mineral infused mud to its healing waters – there are many wondrous things to behold here! Moving towards Masada – a place where the past and its stories […]

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah In Israel

Bar/Bat Miztvah in Israel Mazel tov!! When your child reaches Bar/Bat Miztvah – it’s an incredibly exciting time! We here in Israel Extreme are experienced in planning the most epic and adventure filled Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips that are guaranteed to create memories that will last for a lifetime! From the moment you land in Israel […]

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Kever Yitro and Mount Arbel

Kever Yitro and Mount Arbel The land of Israel is ancient and overflows with a rich history. Everywhere your feet touches – there is a story. Whether its tales of a military nature, or ones of long, long ago from biblical times, you will not leave empty handed. One of our favourite spots to take […]

Skydiving at The Dead Sea

Skydiving at The Dead Sea Skydiving at the Dead Sea has never been done before; and now with our brand new drop zone – you have the chance of a lifetime to skydive at Masada while taking in the vidid blues of the Dead Sea, the glittering, contrasting colours of the Judean Desert and taking […]

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Man vs. Nature

Man Vs. Nature While we may think that man has explored all this planet has to offer, there is actually so much more we as a species have to learn. However the words of Helen Macdonald strike me more and more as I set out into what’s ‘known’ – “So many of our stories about […]

The Hidden Lava Canyon

The Hidden Lava Canyon The Golan Heights is well known for being the perfect combination of beauty, scenery and adventure. Yet what many people don’t know is that deep inside a hidden gorge lies what is called the ‘hidden lava canyon’. As we start our journey, we start to climb the trail that leads us […]

Family Time During Chanukah

Family Time During Chanukah Now that winter is here, the darkest time of the year has also arrived. It is precisely why we increase in light. Chanukah is a time to spend with family, and what better way to do that than head out together to do something out of the box?! The Salt Wonder […]

A Little Dirt Never Hurt – ATVing Through Water

A Little Dirt Never Hurt – ATVing Through Water The winter rains have at last arrived in the Galilee, and all that was brown and dead is now coming to life! We will begin our adventure in the reception area of our meeting point with hot and cold refreshments. After a short briefing, we will […]

Camping in The Judean Desert

Camping in The Judean Desert There is something incredibly rejuvenating about setting out and heading into the wilderness. No phones, no television, and no walls to block out the beauty around you. Man vs Nature. Don’t worry! We are not aiming to throw you to the bears (or jackals in this case). Maybe you are […]

The Via Feratta

The Via Feratta Israel is full to the brim with known beauties as well as hidden ones. Avid hikers from all over the world travel here because Israel provides a vast amount of hikes and rappels with varying difficulties. Whether you are an absolute beginner to the most experienced hiker, Israel has different climbs suited […]

We’re Flying!

As children we all clambered on to the swing set and tried with all our might to pump ourselves over the bar. But despite our best efforts, we could never pull that off. However, we did close our eyes and imagine what it was like to fly. The sensation of our bodies becoming weightless at […]

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Into The Desert We Go

The Judean Desert The desert holds a sense of mystique of times from long ago. Standing there in the summer heat, it is all too easy to imagine traveling with a caravan of camels to a distant land. While the Judean desert presents a vast amount of known and hidden beauties, most people don’t think […]

Kick It Up with The IDF

If you are looking for an experience where the past comes to life, take a peek at our one of a kind IDF Lebanon Border Jeep Tour! This site takes you along the Lebanese border in the Eastern Galilee. You will not find this hidden gem in any visitor’s tour books! Unlike most ‘tourists’ destinations, […]

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Run, Run Out as Fast as You Can

During this insane time of Corona, we are yet again finding ourselves facing another lockdown. While some of us introverts perhaps in the beginning of this episode were thrilled to be left alone, we are now sick of it! So with the time left before lockdown, we are running outside! What better place to run […]

Beating The Heat

In the peak of the Summer season here in Israel, we are all searching for a place of refuge from the heat! Rather than hiding away indoors, we’d rather hunt for a more natural solution. Israel has an astonishing amount of water hikes, particularly some bewildering hidden spots. Some of our favourites include the Zaki […]

Family Time in Israel

The Chagim are just around the corner, and families all across Israel are beginning to ponder ‘what should we do with the kids?!’ We have all done the usual run of the mill activities of going to the seashore, or the zoo. Why not step off the beaten track and find yourself doing one of […]

Trekking Through Corona Times

Many of us are sitting at home looking out our windows wondering, “when will this insanity end?!” Never before have we experienced something that has stopped the entire world in its tracks so to speak. We used to drive to the supermarket without any qualms. We once were able to hug whomever we wanted. Now, […]