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Extreme Info

Israel Extreme offers an array of amazing adventure tours ranging from exciting Extreme Sports in Israel to fun-filled, jam packed outdoor private tours for all ages customized to fit your interests, abilities and wildest dreams!

Israel Extreme also offers day packages along with week-long itineraries for groups of all sizes that can highlight your latest simcha such as bar/bas mitzvah, anniversary, etc or your latest family vacation.

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Camping in The Judean Desert

Camping in The Judean Desert There is something incredibly rejuvenating about setting out and heading into the wilderness. No phones, no television, and no walls to block out the beauty around you. Man vs Nature. Don’t worry! We are not aiming to throw you to the bears (or jackals in this case). Maybe you are […]

The Via Feratta

The Via Feratta Israel is full to the brim with known beauties as well as hidden ones. Avid hikers from all over the world travel here because Israel provides a vast amount of hikes and rappels with varying difficulties. Whether you are an absolute beginner to the most experienced hiker, Israel has different climbs suited […]

We’re Flying!

As children we all clambered on to the swing set and tried with all our might to pump ourselves over the bar. But despite our best efforts, we could never pull that off. However, we did close our eyes and imagine what it was like to fly. The sensation of our bodies becoming weightless at […]

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Into The Desert We Go

The Judean Desert The desert holds a sense of mystique of times from long ago. Standing there in the summer heat, it is all too easy to imagine traveling with a caravan of camels to a distant land. While the Judean desert presents a vast amount of known and hidden beauties, most people don’t think […]

Kick It Up with The IDF

If you are looking for an experience where the past comes to life, take a peek at our one of a kind IDF Lebanon Border Jeep Tour! This site takes you along the Lebanese border in the Eastern Galilee. You will not find this hidden gem in any visitor’s tour books! Unlike most ‘tourists’ destinations, […]

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Run, Run Out as Fast as You Can

During this insane time of Corona, we are yet again finding ourselves facing another lockdown. While some of us introverts perhaps in the beginning of this episode were thrilled to be left alone, we are now sick of it! So with the time left before lockdown, we are running outside! What better place to run […]

Beating The Heat

In the peak of the Summer season here in Israel, we are all searching for a place of refuge from the heat! Rather than hiding away indoors, we’d rather hunt for a more natural solution. Israel has an astonishing amount of water hikes, particularly some bewildering hidden spots. Some of our favourites include the Zaki […]

Family Time in Israel

The Chagim are just around the corner, and families all across Israel are beginning to ponder ‘what should we do with the kids?!’ We have all done the usual run of the mill activities of going to the seashore, or the zoo. Why not step off the beaten track and find yourself doing one of […]

Trekking Through Corona Times

Many of us are sitting at home looking out our windows wondering, “when will this insanity end?!” Never before have we experienced something that has stopped the entire world in its tracks so to speak. We used to drive to the supermarket without any qualms. We once were able to hug whomever we wanted. Now, […]

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Climbing Out of Corona

  We are finally getting off the couch and out of the house! Everybody knows during this Corona period, we are beginning to lose our minds with the kids at home. Maybe some if not all of them are beginning to climb the walls! With that said, why not go outside and give them something that […]

טיפוס צוקים בישראל

Facing the Fear of Rock Climbing, with Israel Extreme

Facing the Fear of Rock Climbing, with Israel Extreme On our latest trip to Israel, my husband decided that he wanted to take the family on an adventure, and chose rock climbing. I have to say, this made me very nervous. We have young kids, and I could never imagine that they would dare to […]

Hiking tour in Israel

Hiking in Israel – with Israel Extreme

You know when you go on holiday, and you left it to the last minute, and just bought flights and booked a hotel, and have no other plans in place? We did that last year, and went to Israel. We knew we wanted to go out and discover the countryside, go off the beaten track […]

Jordan River Rafting

Seriously, on a hot, sweltering summer day in Israel, is there any place better to be than in cool, refreshing water? Or maybe you don’t particularly like the idea of getting wet, but you still want to be cool? As in COOL!! Well, look no further, rafting on the Jordan River is just that perfect […]

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Off the Beaten Track Hikes

Welcome to my article about off the beaten track hikes. Off the beaten track hikes are. Wait, let’s back track (no pun intended). What does the expression “off the beaten track” mean? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, and those people are super smart, “off the beaten track” is defined as: “Not known or popular with […]

Israel National Trail

Walk the trail of your life and watch the magic unfold. The Israel National Trail has been rated one of the top 20 world trails in the national geographic magazine, and it is not surprising. Avraham Tamir, was inspired by his hike through the Appalachian Trail and so, he brought this vision home to Israel. […]

Private Tours in Israel Caving

Israel Private Tour Adventure Tours

Private Tours in Israel Do you want to experience the most beautiful views? Go on adventure tours? What about this experience in the holiest land in the world? If yes, then Israel Extreme is your answer. We offer the best hiking in Israel! These hikes in Israel are guided by our top notch English-speaking tour […]

Paragliding in Israel

Do you dream of flying? Gliding on the air currents, suspended from your paraglider, relying only on the wind is an unforgettable, thrilling experience – sea air, sun, blue water and blue skies… Enjoy it all from a bird’s eye view. You choose the nature of your experience: a calm and tantalizing glide, or an […]

Rappelling in Israel

Extreme Sports in Israel

You haven’t experienced Israel if you haven’t done Extreme Sports in Israel with Israel Extreme. What are Extreme Sports exactly? And why would I want to do Extreme Sports in Israel as opposed to anywhere else? What are Extreme Sports? Extreme Sports is a relatively new term to describe a bunch of highly intense activities […]

Step up on the Quad

  Step up onto the Quad. Fasten your seat belt. Pull on your shades and prepare for some serious adventure! Israel Extreme specializes in building adventure tours that are just right for you, and we definitely specialize in riding Quads. If you are interested in Quads, then you are in for the ride of your […]

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10 Best Water Sports in Israel

Water.  That’s where you are going to be when you participate in these “cool” Water Attractions in Israel with Israel Extreme.  Because Israel has such an extended summer season, Israelis and tourists alike are able to enjoy the 10 best water sports in Israel with Israel Extreme. What’s included in this amazing water  package? Israel […]