Extreme Info

Extreme Info

Israel Extreme offers an array of amazing adventure tours ranging from exciting Extreme Sports in Israel to fun-filled, jam packed outdoor private tours for all ages customized to fit your interests, abilities and wildest dreams!

Israel Extreme also offers day packages along with week-long itineraries for groups of all sizes that can highlight your latest simcha such as bar/bas mitzvah, anniversary, etc or your latest family vacation.

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Paragliding in Israel

Paragliding in Israel

Do you dream of flying? Gliding on the air currents, suspended from your paraglider, relying only on the wind is an unforgettable, thrilling experience – sea air, sun, blue water and blue skies… Enjoy it all from a bird’s eye view. You choose the nature of your experience: a calm and tantalizing glide, or an […]

Rappelling in Israel

Extreme Sports in Israel

You haven’t experienced Israel if you haven’t done Extreme Sports in Israel with Israel Extreme. What are Extreme Sports exactly? And why would I want to do Extreme Sports in Israel as opposed to anywhere else? What are Extreme Sports? Extreme Sports is a relatively new term to describe a bunch of highly intense activities […]

Step up on the Quad

  Step up onto the Quad. Fasten your seat belt. Pull on your shades and prepare for some serious adventure! Israel Extreme specializes in building adventure tours that are just right for you, and we definitely specialize in riding Quads. If you are interested in Quads, then you are in for the ride of your […]

10 Best Water Sports in Israel

The 10 Best Water Sports in Israel Water.  That’s where you are going to be when you participate in these “cool” water sports in Israel with Israel Extreme.  Because Israel has such an extended summer season, Israelis and tourists alike are able to enjoy the 10 best water sports in Israel with Israel Extreme. What’s […]

Private Tours in Israel

Private Tours in Israel are the way to go with Israel Extreme!

Private Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel

(We would like to preface this article with the fact that for ease of readability, whenever Bar Mitzvah is used we mean either Bar or Bat Mitzvah.) First of all, MAZEL TOV! Your daughter is becoming a Bat Mitzvah! Your son is becoming Bar Mitzvah! Since this is no doubt a very exciting moment in […]

Rock Climbing in Israel

Rock climbing in Israel, as the name suggests, is a fight with gravity. While rock climbing in Israel is now a major player in the area of extreme adventure sports in Israel, here are a few details you should know.